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The Taming of the Shrewd (2022) June. 5, 2022 Ba Lan 112 phút
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The Taming of the Shrewd 2022

“The Taming of the Shrewd” is a romantic comedy set in present-day New York City. The film follows the story of Katherine, a fiercely independent and ambitious businesswoman known for her sharp wit and strong personality. Her reputation as a shrewd and unapproachable woman has made it difficult for her to find love.

Patrick, a charming and charismatic playboy, is intrigued by Katherine’s reputation and accepts a bet from his friends that he can win her over. He devises a plan to “tame” Katherine and make her fall in love with him within a month.

As Patrick starts spending time with Katherine, he quickly realizes that she is more than just a shrewd businesswoman. She is intelligent, compassionate, and has a vulnerable side that she keeps hidden from the world. Despite the initial challenges, Patrick finds himself falling for Katherine and begins to question his motives.

As Katherine and Patrick spend more time together, they both start to challenge each other’s preconceived notions and discover that love and relationships cannot be won through manipulation. They learn the importance of acceptance, compromise, and genuine connection.

“The Taming of the Shrewd” is a heartwarming and comedic tale that explores themes of personal growth, self-discovery, and the power of love. It showcases the journey of two individuals who initially clash but eventually find common ground and learn to appreciate each other’s unique qualities.

Director’s Note:
“The Taming of the Shrewd” aims to challenge traditional gender roles and stereotypes

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