Ác Quỷ Ma Sơ II

Ác Quỷ Ma Sơ II

The Nun II (2023) September. 20, 2023 Âu - Mỹ 110 Phút
HD Vietsub
8 1 đánh giá

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Michael Chaves
Đạo diễn

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Anna Popplewell isNegan
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Bonnie Aarons isNegan
Diễn viên
Jonas Bloquet isNegan
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Léontine d'Oncieu isNegan
Diễn viên
Peter Hudson isNegan
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Storm Reid isNegan
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Suzanne Bertish isNegan
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Taissa Farmiga isNegan
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Tóm tắt

Title: Ác Quỷ Ma Sơ II – The Nun II

Ác Quỷ Ma Sơ II – The Nun II is a supernatural horror film that follows the terrifying journey of a group of individuals as they uncover the dark secrets of the Abbey of St. Carta. Set in a remote village in Romania, the film is a sequel to the successful horror film, “The Nun.”

The story takes place several years after the events of the first film. A young journalist, Sarah, is determined to investigate the mysterious deaths that occurred at the Abbey of St. Carta. With her camera crew in tow, she arrives in the isolated village where the abbey is located.

As they delve deeper into the village’s history, they discover that the abbey has a dark and haunting past. Legend has it that an ancient demon was summoned by the nuns who resided there, leading to their demise. The demon, known as Valak, is rumored to have possessed one of the nuns, turning her into the horrifying entity that terrorized the characters in the previous film.

Sarah and her crew are soon confronted by strange occurrences and malevolent forces within the abbey. They encounter possessed nuns, demonic apparitions, and the ever-looming presence of Valak. As they struggle to survive and unravel the abbey’s secrets, they realize that they are facing an evil far greater than they could have ever imagined.

While the Vatican had previously tried to seal off the abbey, Sarah and her team soon discover that the seal had been broken, allowing the malevolent forces within to escape. They must find a way to reseal the abbey and banish Valak once and for all

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